We have had some tremendous feedback on our courses, you can see a selection of comments below...

Stephanie, Brighton

I took the walking tour with Petra in Brighton on Saturday. It was fantastic and I learned so much! Petra was excellent and I was sorry to see it end. I learned a lot more than even expected and had a great time, all due to Petra. She is a fabulous teacher.

B, Brighton

I started classes with Petra with some knowledge of photography but with low confidence about what I do. After just few weeks I felt like I can show my pictures to the world. I was given fantastic truthful feedback, support and a great knowledge of a professional photographer.

Kim, Brighton

Working with Petra provided a really interesting structure. Setting projects such as 'family', self portrait' and 'neighbourhood', sounds deceptively simple but these carefully chosen words spark possibilities beyond the obvious. Having a tangible point at which you discuss and show your response to each brief means prioritising your creativity. I really enjoyed, and feel as though I have hugely benefited from, each challenge and my conversations with Petra and the other group member B. They reminded me that making the time to talk about creativity and ideas is fundamentally important to developing your own voice - and eye. Thank you.

Sarah, Brighton

I really enjoyed the trail and the time I spent with Petra who is an excellent tutor.

Marco, London

I just wanted to write to tell you how much I enjoyed my camera trail day last Sunday. Our guide Laura was brilliant. She was enthusiastic, knowledgeable and very patient! The day has reminded me just how much I love taking photos and has made me determined to get out and take pictures and experiment more often.

Alastair, London

I'd like to let you know how fantastic the course was, which I attended. The leader was David, an extremely knowledgable and very ameable guide. He couldn't have been more professional and motivational with the group, offering fantastic tips and guidance to each of us, on any topic we wished to ask. I was very satisfied with the tour and would not hesitate in recommending the package to anyone.Thank you to the company and, in particular, to David.

Andy, Cambridge

I just wanted to write and say that I throughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. Although I knew a lot of the theory, it was great to go over it again and then directly put it into practice. David was a great tutor with an easy manner which was crucial in making the day enjoyable.
However, the thing that will stand out in my memory was David talking about photography from the position of someone who has dedicated so much of his life to it. I have come away with some thoughts about the wider aspects of photography such as what is a great image or even why we take images at all. I think that considering these issues will broaden my photographic horizons and I thank David and Cameratrails for that.

Jo, London

I went on your South Bank trail this Saturday with Laura and had a fabulous time. I have always loved taking photographs and now I feel like I can take the photos with an understanding of how to make it picture perfect!... I will definitely be recommending your trails to anyone I know that maybe interested in such a course.

Rachel, UK

I just wanted to pass on a huge thank you to our Jane for such a fabulous day. The group size was perfect, and Jane's enthusiasm for photography was evident. Coupled with endless patience and a relaxed manner, this made for a fantastic course. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to friends and family. Thanks Again.

Jonathan, London

I enjoyed my South Bank Trail on Saturday. Jane made the day, she is an excellent tutor, with clear explanations and infectious enthusiasm. I came away with a lot more confidence and knowledge, thanks to her.

Neil Maartens, London

The course content was perfect for people wanting to improve their photography skills and get more from their cameras. Jane is an excellent teacher and had good advice and guidance. I would certainly recommend this course.

Ben Hinceman, UK

Camera Trails is a well organized and professional outfit. I really appreciated getting outside and receiving hands-on photography instruction rather than being stuck in a classroom somewhere. My goal was to be able to understand and use my DSLR’s manual settings so that I would not always be dependent on the “Auto” setting. This goal was met and exceeded after an afternoon with Jane and Simon. I am really looking forward to building on the photography basics that I now have well in hand.

Erik Cortez, London

The experience I had with camera trails was very informative and very interesting, there was never a dull moment as there were so much to learn, shame we only had four and half hours of tour, could do a whole day really. The company was great, very friendly atmosphere and everyone seem to enjoy the experience including myself. The tutor (Jane) has wide knowledge on the subject and was very helpful and always ready to clarify any queries. The way "Aperture", "shutter speed" and "ISO levels" were clearly explained in plain simple terms which most text books failed to deliver. I also learned a lot about composition which again was clearly explained and I will definitely use the knowledge I gained in the future.