Basic Photography Courses

On our beginners courses, you will learn how to use your DSLR fast!

They take the form of a 1/2 day trail, where expert tuition is fused with inspiring subjects on which to practice. Class sizes are 5 or less, to ensure you get plenty of tailored tuition.

The next basic photography course takes place in East London, where you will venture through the colourful markets, diverse communities and layers of history, learning and practicing the principles of:

* Creative composition
* Controlling light
* Utilising motion and speed
* Refining focus and using it creatively

This photography course takes about 4½ hours, with a half hour break for refreshments and costs £70 per adult.

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We feel that getting outside the classroom, and taking photos in a fun, friendly group with expert tuition is best way to learning to use your digital camera!

Looking for a course in the South West Of England, whether it's Kent, Surrey or anywhere else, you aren't too far away to come and enjoy a photographic day out in London!