CameraTrails Photography Courses in Bristol and Bath

CameraTrails are currently setting up a Photography Course in Bath, near to Bristol. We should be ready by mid-Summer!

Use the form below to register your interest in our Bristol and Bath photography courses, and get a discount for the first trail!


If mid Summer is too far away for you, there are plenty of other great opportunities for photography courses in Bristol and Bath. Here are a few to take a look at...

Photography courses for the Bristol/Bath area

Get information on how to take the best pictures of the Bristol landscapes. Learn how to get the best use of your camera in Bath. These are just some of the photography courses that are offered around the Bristol and Bath area.

One Day Introduction to Your Digital SLR
Are there features of your digital camera that you're unsure of? You'll find out about shutter speeds, ISO settings, digital image types and metering modes in this SLR camera course. You'll put all of that great information into practise in the latter part of the day when you and your experienced instructor go out to take pictures in Bath and its surrounding areas. Find out more at the Royal Photographic Society (

Portrait Photography
An expert instructor will teach you how to get the most flattering portraits of your subjects. Learn about the different types of lighting, including fill and backlighting. The latter half of the day will be spent on location, where your instructor shows you how to take pictures on location. You can learn more from Spirit Contemporary Photography (

Shooting for Stock
People don't take their own photographs anymore, they buy stock photography from the pros. Learn the knack of getting salable stock photography from an expert in the field. You will learn how to sell your photos to the world, licensure, composition and editing. More information can be found at the Royal Photographic Society (

Digital Photography
The city of Bristol College ( teaches a short evening course in how to get the most out of your photographic experiences. The first part of the course is devoted to basic techniques to get the images looking their best. The second part of the course will take a look at editing techniques using Photoshop and the Apple Mac.

Photoshop Course
How do you get the most from your images in post production? Learn the basics of Photoshop, including cloning, cropping, pen and item tools. Retouching or manipulation will be a breeze after you take this course at Spirit Contemporary Photography (

An Introduction to PR Photography
An Introduction to PR Photography teaches the basics of the shots that go into websites, flyers and newsletters. An expert will teach you how to get your shots noticed by the newspapers and magazines. Learn how to plan a photo shoot and how to get great images under pressure. For course details, go to Specialist Training International (

Landscapes made Simple
Learn the basics of lighting and composition and make the difference between something average and spectacular. This course takes you to some of the best landscapes in Bristol. You don't need all kinds of expensive equipment to take the best landscape pictures. Photography Made Simple ( has more information about this course.

The world is a beautiful place, and these courses will have you ready to get out there and snap shots of it. Take a few and watch your skills be propelled to the next level.